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About Bindatex Advanced Materials Cutting

What we do

Bindatex Advanced Materials Cutting is an ISO 9001 Certified company which specialises in the precision cutting of difficult to cut or process composite and non-composite materials. We have developed a particular capability with composite prepregs.

Customer Service

Your query will never be passed down and you will always have access to a specialist who understands slitting and sheeting.


Bindatex AMC constantly re-invest in machinery and processes to ensure that we provide market leading cutting services for thermosetting and thermoplastic prepreg composite materials. We are an approved supplier to a number of market leading composite prepreg manufacturers. We have on-site and off-site refrigerated storage facilities to store your materials at -18c.

Our History

Despite our involvement in the latest cutting-edge technologies, Bindatex roots go back to the much more traditional world of book binding and printing.

The company was formed in 2004 to meet the needs of these sectors for a flexible service to supply cut to order coated papers and textiles.

It soon became apparent that there was also a demand from Bindatex customers for commission-cut difficult to handle coated textiles and other materials to meet the needs of special projects. We found our particular skills and experience were well suited to this type of work and so the business expanded.

During 2007 Bindatex used our growing expertise as a platform to diversify into slitting and sheet cutting both composite and non-composite materials on a sub contract basis for a wide variety of industries

Bindatex is now able to offer a complete range of cutting services which include

  • slitting down to widths as low as 3mmtraverse wound spooling,
  • traverse wound spooling
  • micrometer slitting / kiss cutting
  • sheet cutting
  • die cutting
  • chopping

We have experience of virtually all flexible materials and we regularly take on new challenges with and increasingly diverse range of products.

what we offer



Unlike many of our rivals Bindatex AMC does not impose a minimum order quantity. You simply tell us how much you need and we convert it.



Our dedicated team aims to slit or sheet your goods to meet even the most challenging schedules.



Our 'Can-Do' attitude has enabled us to provide innovative solutions to customers slitting and sheeting requirements. The challenges of unique customer needs has resulted in Bindatex AMC being able to rise to the challenge where others have failed.